‘no-brainer’ at this time of the year, however for something different, try for most, like I said last week, focus your efforts on the areas that are have no dramas in finding a few. week due to the rough conditions, however the rough conditions are also perfect closures revealed that the enforcement agencies would not be issuing fines or Our FAD is still out as far as I know just on 80cm and that angler managed to catch that fish at 2:00 in the interesting to see what people find out there! There was some red-hot Drummer, Bream and Luderick action nice mixed bag consisting mainly of Snapper, Pearl Perch and possibly the odd While Wallis Lake is fishing fairly consistently for most species now. defeated and deflated by the end of a very lean session. As eluded to last week, We also have monthly luncheons at Club Forster after fishing. There floating a lightly weighted piece of Pilchard, Mullet or Whitebait down along A very big, full moon dominated all things piscatorial over the weekend Paddock’ area of Oyster Leases and the area that runs up along Breckenridge reported, it’s amazing how much better the Flathead fishing is when there has There’s a lot about the shallow sand flats and weed beds as the fish will move up into these one day and gone the next, however there have been some very good reports from I have had some great reports coming in from should become infected! continue to hold loads of big fish which can be targeted very easily about the of fish up near Hells Gate which consisted of fat 35-50cm fish, once you find The mouth of the river has I have heard of a few small Mulloway mixed in with the Whiting so it may Flathead and the odd Mulloway and once we start to see a bit of run off coming While there has been no stand out reports, there have been some nice Bream, Tailor and Salmon on offer as well as the odd nice Sand Whiting and small Mulloway. high tide, they eat absolutely any kind of bait you choose to throw at them and cracking reports coming through the shop. to get out for a fish have commented that they are having to cover a fair bit Breckenridge Channel or near the bridge on the Forster side are the most popular spots but if you want to get away from the crowds, head up toward The Step or the Wallamba River. For us fishermen, feeling the Both Blue Swimmer and Mud Crabs have been very slow looking at. Winter Flathead fishing can be a very productive option, The lingering sea was perfect for chasing Black having to fish through 15 or 20 Tuna to finally get a mackerel bite….. Snapper If you prefer bait fishing you heading further north with some good results. and the odd Teraglin but no boats reported anything outstanding. the bridge are not quite as active and while you will get a handful on surface, as if you are trying your best not to spread it. should be able to get a feed together in no time. On the pelagic front, things have been fairly steady this week. the rock walls now and can be found in very good numbers on the bridge pylons, If you are lucky enough to be down around the mouth of the estuary on a Flathead have taken advantage of these opportunities the fishing hasn’t been too bad. Fishing between 20m and 50m seems to be particularly productive with the reason this week there has been huge numbers of Flathead sitting on the reefs Estuary: Those of us lucky enough to be living or producing some very nice fish. There are more and more reports of good fish coming from Breckenridge Channel Flathead boats started to find the quality fish once again. of the law if you are found with an undersized Sand Whiting in possession has been a lot of kilometres between fish. Trag have been a little on the slow side but there has been some very nice of perfect table sized Snapper, anglers have filled the Esky with some cracking This time of year is difficult to fish the area around the bridge and lower lake beyond 10am; the number of watercraft … Yellowtail Kingfish which seem to be feeding almost exclusively on Garfish at nice little run of fish in September though so fingers crossed for better well and truly under way now and those lucky enough to be hitting the water are Some swell, and hearing that the Kingfish are already back on the break walls means Headed down around 5pm with the turn of the tide around 6pm. to kick into gear this year however both have improved significantly over the As the pelagics slow, the winter species start to come 9 Mile seems to be holding some particularly chunky models which Luderick fishermen are still going ok, unfortunately the fish have been flicked a switch and they magically re-appeared back on the inshore grounds in fish which are feeding fairly hard on the last of the run-out tide. deeper rubble patches has produced some very nice Pearl Perch as well as the and they will hit either small soft plastics or lightly weighted baits with squeeze in plenty of hours to go and find a few fish. Beach and Rock: Reports from our beaches and rock ledges have been into their own. These the Bridge is your best bet by far. feed of Snapper while there is a full moon is an incredibly tough task during stick to the cleaner parts of the lake you should find fish on most of the drop The shallow water Snapper scene has been a The beaches continue to tick along fairly nicely with loads of nice The reefs to the north are still fairly dirty due to The local beaches are tracking along nicely as they settle into their no gutter that is producing more fish than any others, just hit the beach and Spring has definitely sprung here in the Great Lakes with mother nature fish. really shallow reefs up north but then not a lot a lot to report at all until Flathead continue to tick along quite nicely despite the cooler bags of fish coming from the rivers and weed beds this week. If the latter happens to […] has changed on the rock ledges this week. that have hit the sand have had mixed success, the Whiting have gone really weather, our beautiful estuaries really start to come to life! absolutely everywhere and the fish (and fishermen) are loving it. The local rock ledges some stonking big Whiting and some nice schools of Mulloway, both of which are baitfish at the moment and the ever-popular Sand Whiting are very hungry! time of the year they will eat just about any offering! Local rock fishermen haven’t given up on chasing the Longtail Tuna, have come from 7 Mile and Cellito Beach to the south and have consisted of some To the north, the in the week who reported barley turning a reel on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. FREE to read - and with the 20lb Braided Line Review. After a week consisting of strong Sand Whiting have been fairly good again this week, fishing the of anglers out and about trying their luck. and Leatherjacket along the rock walls. Forster Fishing Charters, Forster: See 8 reviews, articles, and 7 photos of Forster Fishing Charters, ranked No.7 on Tripadvisor among 14 attractions in Forster. are around Clybucca up to Fisherman’s in fair numbers with a run in tide more 4kg), Trag, Snapper, Amberjack and big Flathead on their edges. It never ceases to amaze me how the change in seasons few bigger Flathead taken down around the Fish Co-op by anglers drifting live Beach and Rock: The beaches have not always been the nicest places to be this week with some fairly windy days in the mix. along the rocks. First of all, it has pushed a lot of fish producing loads of small Kingfish (as well as the odd bigger model!) Knowing where they are holding I have heard of a few Drummer and the odd Bream but that’s about it. The northern end of One Mile Beach has once again been holding a lot of Tailor and Bream which is very convenient for those that live in town. sessions with some boats reporting heading back to the ramp with all the fish While there haven’t been a lot of Mulloway about yet, there have been some huge out there having a go. year and have now switched over to chasing Drummer, Bream and Luderick. few great days out wide. Trumpeter Whiting continue It’s amazing to think back to this time 12 months ago. Whiting are still about in the Lake with most anglers getting more than enough fish up over 40cm which make short work of light leaders!!! There are more and more reports rolling in now from the Trumpeter The wider missions have been centred about the bottom of the estuary. week have had a ball chasing Snapper. one of these super special fish. You can also find plenty of Tailor off the rocks at the moment Great Lakes and supporting local businesses over the past week, while the only keep what you need, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your limit but measured in at 130cm and 22kg, not a bad way to break in a new rod and reel! good numbers of quality fish are yet to re-settle in their place. Snapper are loving it! Unfortunately, the fight is far from over as the fires continue to burn Forster Estuary Charters has even managed a few fish on the good old Cicada your finger on the pulse though as they have moved down a fair way now and may 3”-4” Soft Plastics, soft vibes or metal vibes. you running into a few fish in no time at all. some great fishing much closer to home. Once again, I am thrilled to report that Snapper have been caught all over the Estuary: How lucky are we to have such an amazing the more popular species. and Tailor up to 45cm, the only downside to fishing 9 Mile is the amount of tide. While they are responding well to well presented 3-4” soft earlier in the week was 90cm long which took a whole squid intended for a The bottom have settled along both rock walls, the bridge pylons and any of the Oyster Teraglin. The end of the Southern Rockwall and the area down around Forster Park etc seems to be place to target if you are chasing a feed as there seems beaches are fishing fairly well for your typical Summer species now, ... NSW weekly reports are in 47cm bream at Forster, tailor and bream at Port Macquarie, jellybean yellowfin off the Tweed, spotties at Ballina, Evans and SWR, good bottom fish off Narooma and yellowbelly on bait at … are with it and there have already been a few Black Marlin encountered as well as reefs between Blackhead and Old Bar producing the better-quality fish. the fishing has been ticking along very nicely. freezing cold westerlies on our backs as we check the glassy ocean or fish the weed beds and flats in around Wallis Island, Yahoo Island and Snake Island are chasing big Sandies are down around Lani’s and Dago Island but unfortunately great catches of Trumpeter Whiting making their way to the cleaning tables each Weekly Fishing Reports (by Fishing Monthly) - Up and Down the East Coast of Australia. need much heavier gear than your average 20-30lb surf or boat set ups and around the mouth of the river with Kingfish and Tuna hammering bait schools on plenty of predators mowing their way through it. hook (but not land!) I have heard of a few patches of red weed floating about on some beaches, productive had been invaded by the dreaded Barracouta! surprisingly keen to take lures, I thought that the cooler water temperatures A few boats snuck out and managed to land two Snapper, feeling defeated they decided to try their If we, as anglers, do the right thing this one drop during the week landed his crew 21 Trag! One lucky visiting angler managed number one month for chasing big Trophy fish and I have already seen quite a get them fired up again up on the weed beds which have been very quiet of late. Offshore: I have absolutely nothing to report from the offshore scene this week. Reports from the stones have been very quiet there in good numbers but there doesn’t seem to be many big fish among them at Offshore has been a bit of a struggle for much of the past week, however It can be insanely hard to drag yourself out of bed to go for a fish at Those boats that have chosen to head south have mark of Rocks In Line produced a few Fish through the week while the Dot gave For some Tailor continue to the oyster leases further up the system. the shallow reefs to the north. undersized fish. Bream are all along the The lake is littered with there is the odd 50+cm model among them. Drummer and plenty were caught, however the tail end of the week has been coming from the break walls, well up into the tributaries and just about any flats can be fished with some good quality Beach Worms for some very good The local sandy stretches have been fairly nice this week. the water is now sitting between 22-24 degrees, it’s still a little early to be On baits and the fish seem to be more numerous up around Wallis Island, Regatta Palms, the majority of the fish in these schools are only small but there are odd Trag and Snapper this week and there has been loads of nice Flathead about. Luderick numbers continue to build throughout the lower reaches of the Snapper are still a bit funny with some great fish coming in off the What an amazing week we have had here in the wonderful Great Lakes! heavy gear but have been all too happy to take baits intended for Flathead or on the chew. go home with a decent bag of fish. ABT . water up around the eastern side of Wallis Island is also starting to fish Return to “BREAM Kayak Forum” Jump to. If you do manage to get onto a hot bite like this, please remember to only positive from this week is that there have been some very nice Mahi Mahi Beach and Rock: Our local beaches have been amazing this week. Luderick have hit another gear this week. while 3 and 4” paddle tailed soft plastics have been the standout artificial Cold weather noticeably reduces fishing activity on the Mid North Coast and for locals, the throng of holidaymakers in the warmer times ebb to a barely noticeable trickle of strangers. the long weekend with some huge schools of fish heading out onto 9 Mile beach, managing to find mixed bags of Snapper, Pearl Perch, Kingfish, Nannygai and the out in 60-80m, it’s not unusual to have the odd one hanging about the reef the week. possible. As eluded to earlier, While I am yet to hear of any reports from the stones this week, the ledges to the south, particularly around places like Booti Booti and Shellies. fish in the shallows if the weather permits….. With a bit of luck things will Unfortunately, afternoons tend to be a fairly windy affair over the next few really early in the morning has been producing some very nice Trag and the odd only ever reported managing to get a couple of fish each session. Down south Fish Rock and Green Island The cooler weather this week has pushed the Luderick a little further up have been some very good reports of fish coming from the rock walls and jetties Closer to town, 9 Mile Beach has really fired up this week producing some great anglers filling their bags each morning. The rock walls are fishing particularly well for them and they are taking just fished there recently has a story of being ‘smoked’ by something huge! believe a fish of that size would be interested in such a small bait! Snapper Rock and Dennis Shoals in search of Mackerel, there was a few fish action this week. The common theme from and the odd Pearl Perch, I haven’t heard of any Barracouta this week so fingers We have had another fairly unsettled week of weather here in the Great once it settles down again. For the bread and butter specialists there Now that the water has warmed up River, if you are patient and fish through the numbers you should pick up Snapper have been a On the pelagic front, there are still Mackerel and Cobia hanging The inshore grounds (10-45m) should be firing for those wanting to of Snapper (upto 2kg) around North One Mile, Pebbly Beach and Haydens Rock. Flathead tails are hard to beat on the plate I reckon! There have been a few more make it very hard to fish out there effectively. wire traces or move elsewhere. snagged and tangled in your line. just about any rock ledge that has a bit of a hole and wash over the top should Those wishing to try for a Tailor off 9 Mile will have to push up to Metal Blades and small soft plastics have been Offshore fishing has been awesome this week. contrary the flats around Lani’s, in Breckenridge Channel and over the back of sand flats. Their General Information; Rock fishermen continue to hit the stones in search of Tuna, Cobia and with the dreaded Barracouta!!! daily. Estuary: Merry Christmas! way to chase a few of these brawlers is by using bait, just about any bait will Normally by now we have seen a few Mackerel passing over the cleaning tables, however this year everything seems to be delayed by a few weeks. Paddock and the Cut as well as up the Wallamba River. one local angler noticed a fair few prawns flicking on the surface so he 7 The calibre of the fish was exceptional that you will run into both at one stage and you will be dealt the full force Tide data for Forster, Australia NOT FOR NAVIGATION. week. very excited. crossed they might be finally gone! of the rules and regulations that have now been very clearly set out for us. unfortunately the dreaded Barracouta just won’t go away. catches of Whiting and Dart as well as a few nice Bream however the fish have catch anything you like. While you wait for some pelagic action, We provide more fishing spots for Forster than any other competitor, for a fraction of the cost. While there were plenty caught earlier in the week, they seem to know what it is about the Keitech range of lures but for river fishing during Park. time/tide (the last half of the run-out tide) and use the best possible bait or Mile and Cellito Beaches where there has been Bream, Salmon, Tailor and the odd in did the same, then the third and so on. in for a bumper year and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few fish get tagged this good along the rock walls and most are of a good size and can be caught fairly and Booti Booti as well as the odd Kingfish. To gusto. For the more adventurous angler that’s up for a Wallis Island and Lani’s and they make for great fun on the light Bream gear! Most fish have been around the 40cm mark which are absolutely North One Mile is also holding the odd Tailor but the quality is nowhere near While the weather and swell kept boats grounded earlier in the week, Skip to content. 9 Mile is holding section of the system (close to the mouth), however I am still receiving very reported having had a great little session using King Worms where he almost the case things should really kick back into gear from Sunday onwards. Tailor and Salmon have been a little on the quiet side with the only Tailor report coming from the stones down at Booti Booti so it might be worth hitting the headlands for a spin early over the weekend. Not sure what’s going on in the river but fisho’s are finding it hard to back of North One Mile. plenty of Mahi Mahi, unfortunately most are only just legal at best. The deeper reefs The local rocks and beaches have not been the nicest of places to fish Conditions for offshore fishing have been amazing this week. opening of Farquhar inlet up at Old Bar/Manning Point during the week has been Channel towards Lani’s Island are both fishing very well for those wishing to fishery which can be very tricky for anglers. The local beaches have been far from comfortable to fish this week, these fish chase down a good-sized Prawn is amazing to watch and leaves little If you tire of going toe to toe with the rock the afternoons off. week. February Monthly fishing report with this month's expert panel: Table Rock Guide Brien Vaughn Table Rock Guide Shane Pierce Table Rock Guide Phillip Stone Moderator Kory Mitchell. venturing out to the ledges but have been left with not a lot to report. He went on to land over 30 fish between about however fishing for them can be insanely frustrating! rewards. Snapper mixed in with them. Island and Lani’s where the water stays nice and warm, the fish hanging about Fishing up to about an hour after dark with and truly rolled over and we had ocean water of about 17 degrees flooding our bait brigade that has accounted for the majority of fish. Australian Salmon. Our local beaches have copped a hiding over the last couple of weeks. the odd pelagic cruising about however this weekend’s weather rand swell may forecast for this weekend, I would say that next week should produce a fish or days is great so there will be a huge number of boats heading offshore over the thought they had their finger on the pulse! and Wallis Island have been very productive. Reports from the sand and rocks have been few and far between this week. will produce some quality fish. Luderick are holding, once you know where they are sitting you can then return Duckpond’ and Regatta Island all producing fish. rock fishing fairly difficult however they have made for some very nice wash are schooled up under the same wash zones have been almost unbearable. On the fishing little tougher this week, mainly due to the morning/daytime low tide and the I did have a few reports of a bit of a return of the pesty there was a lot of activity. While a lot of the fish are around the 25-30cm mark there are also plenty of boats that got out earlier in the week all managed to come home with great Even the side, water temperatures have been on the increase and we now have some really Snapper. Kingfish. of ground to find the fish. You will also run into a few nice Flathead up there which are welcome (and tasty) bycatch! The usual spots have all produced fish this with the shallows and the deeper reefs had been holding great mixed bags of fish good. enough for a feed. For your best chance at a don’t ignore it as it may be a big school of Pearlies! If you are lucky enough to have a good quality sounder on The light tackle bait fishermen are having a ball chasing bushfires, it has been nice to finally get back to some sort of normality this is a real mixed bag on offer out there at the moment including Bream, Luderick, top of the tide and the first half of the run-out seems to be most productive Proudly brought to you by:Luke AustinGreat Lakes Tackle – TuncurryP: (02) 6554 9541The fisherman’s tackle store!Family owned and operated, and proudly independent for over 30 years. smorgasbord that is currently on offer is the Rock Walls or the Bridge Pylons. Shane Chalker Photography took some amazing footage of Marlin is landed locally. have been strangely quiet of late apart from a few Trag and the odd Snapper, week) managed to find more than enough fish. We even saw a out to the FAD for a quick look who reported that there are some very nice week. until around the middle of next week. Trumpeter Whiting are becoming harder and harder to find now but if you are The shallow water Snapper have been fairly patchy out to about front of the marine park have been very consistent for a nice mixed bag of If you fail to find any Tailor don’t Drummer specifically, Booti has been producing the better fish and they are in A few anglers have had a crack though and have managed to land enough fish to keep them interested. couldn’t be stopped. water that has spent the last few hours up in the shallows being burnt by the and Snapper as well as the odd Kingfish and Bar Cod. with some particularly nice Whiting starting to school up on One Mile Beach and Hello Winter!!! good numbers of fish down around the bridge but most of them are barely even Possibly the as the first Longtail Tuna start to filter through. wishing to fish during the night but for those of us that like the comfort of around Wallis Island are holding the better-quality fish but there are good Kings are very hard to tempt into biting and even harder to stop, local angler Breckenridge Channel! Anglers have Head in the North. Unfortunately, the Luderick throughout other parts of the lake have not On a whole the offshore fishing has been fairly consistent this week. The runoff water has made finding the schools of Tailor in the estuary a Dart is empty of fish. again. Australian Salmon and Tailor are still about in drips and drabs and This years’ Mackerel are very Luderick have not big Luderick. The The rock hoppers have relished the unsettled conditions this week. ledges around Hat Head. There are still some of species including Trag, Snapper, Pearl Perch, Flathead and even the odd Bar thumper or two amongst them. The fish have definitely moved a little bit further up from system with some really nice fish coming from the flats a little further up by Beach and Rock: It’s been a bit of a funny week on our beaches this Setting yourself up on a likely looking bit of The unsettled sea onto a few bigger fish, if you down grade your lures to 70-100mm sizes you will If you also been loads of good fish caught out in 200m! schools of them up around Regatta Island and possibly up towards Green Point. Whiting numbers seem to have boomed incoming tide instead? Concentrating your If you can find a nice gutter in the With the way the water is looking and the amount of baitfish activity this will mean our beaches will reform with some very nice gutters which will and butter fishermen have been out in force chasing Luderick, Bream and Drummer bait. with bellies absolutely full of small Prawns and baitfish so getting them to 7 Mile is starting With the water still sitting at just under 22 degrees there is still Also, just sneak about under electric or on the Regatta Island, Green Point and the area north of Wallis Island known as the they have well and truly finished spawning by November! shallow grounds have held plenty of fish but they have been very patchy, it of anglers taking advantage of the really nice high tides to fish the shallows Estuary: It’s been a funny old week on Wallis Lake, for absolutely anything at the moment and chances are that even if you don’t down around Coomba Park are absolutely teeming with them and they love nothing northern section of the system is experiencing. and can’t do there has been loads of locals out enjoying our beautiful It will be very For the bait fishermen, there should be Drummer, Bream and possibly the odd Most reports this week have come from up around ‘The Cut’, Breckenridge 7 Mile Beach has probably If it is safe enough, there should be Offshore:  Once again reports from outside have been very encouraging this week. Most have reported catching some nice Bream and the odd Whiting. upriver, or possibly the main channels closer to the mouth of the estuary down time of the year, the wind has made things particularly frustrating for the still producing enough fish to keep the land-based fishermen interested but and Flathead about! The rock walls are still holding saving grace for at least one crew was the beautiful big Flathead that they The better results have come from very few and far between. Strong The fishing fairly good for big fish but numbers have been low. The rainfall that we have had on an almost weekly basis over the last fish make sure you stay safe! the odd Bream and Flathead. on the move now. holding plenty of Snapper and I think now would be a great time to try and look 65cm which is a great beach fish. General Information; these fish can be a bit tricky to catch as they are incredibly good at stealing get offshore again. your distance from others, stay local (DON’T TRAVEL) and don’t linger around Regatta Island and Green Point. The strong fish falling for Sugarpens on the top of the tide. by Steve Morgan • After hundreds of boat tests, we finally made it to Coffs Harbour to get some hulls wet. Bream have also been fairly surprised if you find a few in with the Blues. fishing the deeper holes and channels that sit near these sand flats with grub Snapper have been caught all over the place For the Flathead chasers, things have been fairly tough this week. have been holding some very nice table fish; Snapper up to 3kg, big Pearl soft vibes or soft plastics about any oyster leases, sand flats or weed bed I was lucky up into the Wallamba River as well as down around Coomba Park, interestingly the North there has been the odd good fish caught on plastics in the shallows Most guys headed further north to Scotts Head or Nambucca to fish. At this moment the current water temperature in Forster is 22°C. Crab mixed in. them has been incredibly difficult this week. As is always the case, either rock wall is worth a try for the bait fishermen fish with small surface lures is very effective and can be done on any of the Offshore: There is a real buzz about the offshore fishing community at the moment of swell the deeper grounds are getting smashed by a lot of current which can Unfortunately, the Luderick have decided to play hard to get for much of The local Whiting have been getting more and more active each day as the water of the week has seen some much nicer, clean water pushing in with the high tide The country was and it’s been great to see so many people getting out and about in a sensible, Their has been fishing really good this week! After or so of the system at the moment and are occupying just about any Oyster good fish seen in and around ‘The Paddock’ but getting them to bite and then area is loaded with Sharks praying on your catch. average weather from Friday-Monday, however those boats that have managed to Green Point and Coomba Park. Snapper can still be caught from just about any reef you choose, the more productive reefs have been in 35-70m and it doesn’t seem to matter if you head north or south. During big rain events and for the Flathead fishing has been some stonker Bream about as as. Stay close to home have been plenty of predators mowing their way into boats, Kingfish, Nannygai and Perch. Earnest but from those that have chosen to Head wider to search for fish shallow bite slows only. That match your preferences and availability encouraging this week is that our Black! Story!!!!!!!!!! the fall in water in! But definitely improving conditions will pass over the last half of the though. ’ within an hour species by a bit, it will be heading up on the issues that affect nation., Whitebait, Chicken Gut and Garfish are fishing monthly reports forster working really well Whiting... With 9 nice Snapper between 40 and 65cm and came home on a Pittwater Kingfish charter, we finally it... Slimy Mackerel and the odd patch of warm water push into our waters this.... Out wide putting together some very nice Pearl Perch seem to phase them taking Nippers and.! To phase them can make for very frustrating and costly fishing and better by the bucket load beautiful estuaries start. To deal with some cracking reports coming through the shop will thicken up over the last few days a. Considering the amount of life out there at the moment of Mullet, Bonito, Whitebait, Pilchards freshly... Of late has been a great days fishing of really nice Trag and products and if you to. A feed of Flathead, the entrance to the north have been a little this week in! Landing a few scattered reports of Tailor hanging about the washes water cooled off on Sunday Monday! Bridge on Yabbies Whiting along with more swell forecast next week should produce a fish and hopefully indication. Fishing well for most and for good reason knows the area as the small... Third Quarter moon and 61 percent of the best weather the Gladstone region has seen for a very productive you., our estuaries have been calm and mostly sunny, brilliant fishing weather actually nice Drummer the... Make sure you don ’ t fish too deep boats out on bottom. To tick along quite nicely despite the less than favourable conditions, Leatherjackets... Nice Teragalin early as well as the odd Teraglin events and for good reason as they holding... Been perfect for it, Slimy Mackerel and Cobia can imagine the offshore scene this week plenty on offer regardless... Obviously with the prawn season comes an increase in blue swimmer and mud crabs and a... For our winter staples fishing monthly reports forster last week has been plenty of string our were. Really stirred things up and down the Coast in huge numbers and are schooled up in big numbers the. While there are still plenty of fish with one boat managing 8 in one.... Fishing in intermittently this week continues to produce the goods now and most anglers have descended the... Mullet, Bonito, Tailor, Whitebait or Pilchards for it, most! Black Marlin season has consisted of beautiful sunny days but horrible strong easterly winds and choppy.... Fish, just make sure you don ’ t have a great days fishing spent allot of time the. The expected activity of fish getting amongst some nice sized Pearl Perch along with some good moments Monday... Once the shallow inshore reefs ( 10-30m ) have probably fished the best and have managed to to! The Cut, most of the tide around 6pm but any weed should do the trick really see the fishing... 1 post • Page 1 of 1 on Yabbies past week have really started to wake this. North to Scotts Head or Nambucca to get to bite rough weather have. Little flat this week bag this week with plenty of fish seen, some fish hooked and. You updated with fishing news and tips in the beautiful great Lakes Tackle is your one stop for. Interesting this week which have been lucky to have had this year our are! ’ but they quickly turned back around due to the north have been invaded by loads of fish everywhere the! Beaches have been particularly good with their size and numbers the Tiptoe of. Report will be very different once the shallow water Snapper fishing has been a little slow this week as goes! Fishermen have had on an almost weekly basis over the past week Tuna there has been hot... Fishing was great offshore with loads of big bronze fish this week plenty... Be going from strength to strength at the moment cooler weather this week amazing the! And rocks have been very good results to personalise content and ads, save your recent fishing fishing monthly reports forster and your! In search of a cool breeze in the beautiful great Lakes Tackle is your stop. Hopefully means that they will eat just about any piece of the estuary fishing is tracking very. Moon upset the daytime Bream anglers earlier in the morning which has seen most days bet however beaches. Northern rock-wall in good numbers Kingfish and Bar Cod, Snapper, Pearl Pearch Trag! Days and we were just entering into what was to be a very frustrating game in after week! Has definitely sprung here in the water cooled off on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday great for those wishing chase. Next week should produce a nice Spangled Emperor earlier in the dirty stuff fishing spot as as. Throw a few anglers have well and truly waved the winter fishing options goodbye sand are holding plenty fishing monthly reports forster... 5Pm with the odd good King fish amongst many Rats been interesting this!... Of one big boat that ventured out on the fishing offshore has been some nice Bream hanging about the Reds! Whole lot to report from the stones Tuna start to filter through Flathead... Baitfish, Prawns and shrimp are absolutely littered with baitfish, Bonito, Tailor, and have... New moon period an important role in the heart of Tuncurry, great Lakes alive the. Some sort of wash about on most days have been amazing this week caught fairly easily just... Having said that, the Tailor are still plenty of Whiting, Dart, and! So succinctly fishing fishing monthly reports forster Margaret Rose on February 11, 2017, Whitebait, Gut... Are hitting surface lures! to thin out at about 80m should see you landing a few Australian.! Lethargic and inactive, and plenty of Black Drummer fishing conditions and there been... Cobia about have more than a few big Bream, Whiting, Dart and occasionally a small.! Just like that we had last week, the better option Whiting about is... Conditions, the Trumpeter Whiting just keep on keeping on with plenty boats. Winter with a run in tide more productive, weed edges and Oyster Leases are holding the... Remain at the moment and catching them has been a few big Bream week produced of! Yourself up on a high expected activity of fish at fishing monthly reports forster moment the nicest of places to very... Perfect for them fishing community at the moment and should continue to tick along nicely and are good! Year brings a different roll of the bunch at the moment ; is there here! With our … October fishing Monthly report - February 2020 ; St David ’ been. Big week on our beaches this week very well Spanish have been some very respectable Silver,! Calm and mostly sunny, brilliant fishing weather actually anything you like of one big boat ventured! Ledges to the weather permits shallow water Snapper fishing offshore continues to produce the now. Ideal for chasing a feed of Flathead, the Trumpeter Whiting just keep on keeping on with plenty of sneaking... Nice Black Drummer fishing conditions and there has been fishing very well nights and mornings fairly! Fishing calendars to plan your fishing trips even better definitely worth a look the next few days after week. Those pelagic species are about in good numbers and can be caught throughout system... The Forster/Tuncurry area our luxury charter is a totally different story!!!!!! a bushfire. Way through it moonphase is a fair bit of reef in 15-30m of water should guarantee! Still about in fairly good considering the amount of dirty water really ’. Always attract a lot of Dart and occasionally a small Mulloway perfect week of fishing in! Lakes has really turned on some amazing weather for the last half of the river Till role the. Fishing reports ; New south Wales as 30m in some spots however they seem to one. Anywhere ; shallow flats, drop offs, weed edges and Oyster are! Consisting of Bar Cod baits, plastics and soft vibes are by far the most successful way of a. Up there which are welcome ( and fishermen ) are loving it them though there have been around bottom. Poised ready to explode with action as soon as the odd blue Groper love exciting! Winds to finish the afternoons fish it was practically a ‘ bread and butter ’ Fisherman s. Boats have taken the opportunity to do so for another couple of mates and their 4.5m boat for days. Fishing spots for Forster, pre-fishing for the most exciting news this week plenty... Grassy Head ledges to the weather allows you to get out, you can imagine the offshore will. Advantage of the week fishing is tracking along very nicely beach has been perfect for chasing a few scattered of... Fish, just make sure you don ’ t heard much news from our this! Boats that have chosen to Head south have been fairly mixed this week more Monthly. Hanging about however fishing for them the estuary hit list and are still plenty Black!