Flower Power

I love flowers! They smell great, look beautiful and there are so many varieties and colors! The only down side about flowers is that they wilt and die. Why can’t they just last forever?!

However, there are artificial or faux flowers, if you will. The general perception is that they can’t compare to the real thing; they’re “shady”, they look fake, etc. The good news is, now you can get very real looking faux flowers.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this arrangement of orchids, roses, lilies and assorted dried stems that I made for a client. I love the result, and they look so real. I also added some decorative stones and green potpourri to the base of the planter to give a seamless look on the inside.

This is for everyone who likes flowers but doesn’t like the work that goes into taking care of them. Faux flowers don’t need any sunlight, water or air. They just stay there, effortlessly beautiful.

Have a beautiful Saturday!



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