A Gift for Ella

Monogrammed wall decor looks great in a baby’s room. I executed this lovely idea for a friend who wanted to gift Ella’s creative mum with some kitenge-themed wall decor to complement the rest of the decor in her baby’s  room. I don’t have pictures of the room but I can only imagine how colourful and bright it is; especially with this new addition!

I started by cutting out the shape then using some hard material to cut out all the letters (a mini-workout for your arms for sure!)


Then I wrapped the large letter ‘E’ in some fabric and glued it on. Finally I fixed the smaller letters onto the large one, added some final touches such as the ribbon and the little flower on the edge and voila!


After that, I made a gift bag out of some paper ribbons and accessories I had to complete the package.


You can customise your children’s room decor with various materials and colours too!

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